X-Wiper is THE tool for prepping you disc, folder or SAN location for archiving/


The idea is to delete all files not needed for recreating the project at a later stage/


I.e. you don’t need to archive:

- projects render files

- events render files

- proxy files

- transcoded files (High Quality Media)

- optical flow


These are files that eat harddisc space, and they can all be recreated when the project needs to be restored/


FCPX 10.1:

Version 1.6 supports libraries


X-wiper, supports libraries, events and projects on discs, sparse images, SAN locations and home/movies folder/


You drag you top level folder/disc into the disc/folder area, click or use keyboard shortcuts/


X-wiper will then figure/calculate the sizes for renders, proxies, prores and analysing files/


You can now choose what to delete, just check and un-check. Clicking on the header for each column will do a check-all or un-check all function/


Then just press delete and confirm/