Version 2 is adding more possibilities. Now you can add pictures, videos and audio to your template as well.


For this to work, the CSV file need to have som column with some special names in them.

For pictures, you have to add img as the first three letters in the column heading. For videos you add vid and for audio you add aud.


About audio, Apple Motion does fine with 48kHz files, but using a .motn file in compress or droplet, does NOT. All files need to be in 44.1kHz. You can then add a compressor setting that is in 48kHz, but the input file needs to be in 44.1kHz. (Motn files in compressor works this way for the time being.)


A good tip for pictures and videos. Make all pictures the same size. Same goes for videos. That is for all items that goes into a column. 


A good NLE for making video the same size AND to keep the names of files is Resolve. In Resolve you can export each clip with its original sourceName. 


When you start patching the media assets you will get an orange square round the patch point, when at patching is setup with both motion field and a folder for media assets, this square will turn to green. A green patch is a ready patch.