CueSheeter - ADR tool for Nuendo

This is the beta version of my old CueSheet generator from Nuendo's marker track.

Only actor version, and only one template, as of now.


Uplad a .csv file with the + button, and choose character (or use all), and press the make PDF button. A PDF is then downloaded and ready for print.


DAWtools: PT spotting session to CSV

A simple tool for converting ProTools spotting sessions to CSV for importing into Nuendo.

Upload a txt file, using the + button, and if all look good, press the Get file, to download the completed .csv file.


It also takes care for accidentally commas in the text. (replaces them with " – ").


PTsession as .txt file

Convert it 

Import it

Final result. 

I.e. 4 tracks of markers