Generate fcpxml for subtitles

Subtitler for fcpxml is a program for making subtitling easy. Drag/drop a .srt or .txt file into the program window, and the program will interpret the input into subtitles. When pressing the make fcpxml button, you will get a fcpxml file on your desktop. Import this file into either Final Cut Pro X, BMD Resolve or any other fcpxml compatible application. (FCPXML v.1.9).


Subtitler for fcpxml makes a very clean project to use for you movies, also it support separate italic for  lines as well.



Update 20th march 2021


New version is out. V3 has a new module for using text without timecodes. Ideal for a quick spread out of the text, or for lyrics video.


Update: 30th July 2020

Hot tips for changing all the text items to another look of the subtitles. From twitter:

Change all the titles in a storyline at once by selecting them, then picking a new Title from the browser and double clicking it. All Storyline titles are changed to the new template and retain all their pre-edited texts.

I.E.: – In Final Cut Pro X, open a library or create a new one. Choose import xml. A new event will show up, in here you will find a project. This will contain all your subtitles. Now take you movie and drag/replace from start, into the GAP item in the project. Thats it. Now export you final movie with closed captions.



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